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The fragile melon that people often says, it is a kind of fruit actually, this kind of melon is not common in the life, but has had person can like particularly, the juice inside this kind of melon is very much, taste mouthfeel is more fragile, a lot of places in home haveLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Cultivate, the fragile melon of Shandong Wei lane is very for instance famous, this kind of melon contains a lot ofa variety of microelement, still contain citric acid and vitamin to wait a moment, a lot of advantage of fragile melon introduces below.

What do the effect of fragile melon and action have?

The effect of fragile melon and action:

Nutrition analyses: Fragile melon pleasant is cold, melon flesh Qing Dynasty is sweet, it is the disappear heat vegetable with admirable summer, it contains rich mineral calcium, phosphor, iron, still contain candy, citric acid and a few vitamin A C of vitamin of former, B a group of things with common features, vitamin. The season in phlogistic summer intense heat of summerFall in love with the sea

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, optimum with edible of fragile melon cold and dressed with sause.

The effect of fragile melon with action

1, clear heat removes fire

Fragile melon belongs to cool sex and have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty characteristic, sorching summer when can use itShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Will boil boiling water, already achieved the effect of the showing tremendous enthusiasm inside cleared body.

2, diuresis detumescence

Food of benefit wet detumescence, be with be good at lienal diuresis, the Chinese traditional medicine of benefit water detumescence and food give priority to composition. And snake melon is had fill lienal ooze is wet, the function of diuresis detumescence. So the friend of this back problem also can try.

What do the effect of fragile melon and action have?

4, calm the nerves except irritated, with the stomach

Summer sorching during, next coming home, boil cole of on one desk, did not forget to add serving melon this one god implement, it can let calm the nerves except irritated1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, and bad to intestines and stomach friend also can achieve the effect with the stomach.

Fragile melon save a method

Fragile melon jumps over the fructification of melon for cucurbitaceous plant, pulp is qualitative, grow cylinder form, cortical and smooth, have lengthwise line, green white or virescent. Pulp white or virescent, juice is much, qualitative fragile. Do not be able to bear or endure carry, brittleA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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. Do not be able to bear or endure below fragile melon normal temperature store, general 35 days appear namely cuticular hair is soft, moisture prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is faster.

What do the effect of fragile melon and action have?

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The edible of fragile melon abstains from

Fragile melon sex is cold, usually taste deficiency of vital energy, diarrhoea the snake melon of person diet raw or cold food of cold ache of jalf congealed, stomach; Woman menstruation comes mix during tide diet of the person that have cold sex dysmenorrhoea gives birth to fragile melon.

Fragile melon pick skill

Fresh snake melon shows bright-coloured green, have the sweet smell of fruit vegetables. The exterior is strong record. Incarnadine white or weak green, biedermeier snake melon does not have the fragrance of fruit vegetables, color also is done not have so bright.

Fragile melon the skill that make

Snake melon is qualitative fragile flesh thick, taste is relaxed, comfortable eat tender melon, souse, cold and dressed with sauce, fry feed. Can make food, boil, fry, sauce, bloat all but, local color is distinctive, very tastily.

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