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Loquat leaf rock candy boils water to treat cough and tracheitis to us have very great help, because loquat leaf rock candy boils water to have,basically be relieve a cough the effect of raw energy. Loquat leaf rock candy boils water the effect of this kind of thing and action are very much, suggest you can understand more, and you can study its method that make, such convenience your edible it. We let study its practice and the effect that know it below.

 Loquat leaf rock candy boils the effect of water

Treat cough

This is the loquat leaf water that boil the effect of well known, also be application most the most extensive. Because the nutriment of glucoside of a kind of bitter almond is contained inside loquat leaf, in water generation of the meeting in the process that boil is had relieve a cough the hydrocyanic acid of action. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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If feel throat is uncomfortable, perhaps coughing always is bad, can choose to pick a few new loquat part of a historical periods to boil water to replace boiled water drinkable, can alleviate effectively cough or guttural and unwell symptom.

The 2nd pace treats tracheitis

Loquat leaf has clear lung to stop vomit, fall the effect that gas relieves a cough, can treat so all sorts of chronic bronchitic, but need to notice to be not applied to cold cool the acute that cause is bronchitic.

The 3rd pace fights bacterium

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Oneself has antibacterial effect, the effect that fight bacterium is had likewise after loquat leaf boils water.

 Loquat leaf rock candy boils the effect of water

The 4th pace treats sickness

Subsoil of loquat leaf, Xian Zhuru, kitchen is taken with water simmer in water have the effect that studies vomiting. Apply to a stomach to heat up vomiting especially.

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The 5th condition is other action

The loquat leaf water that boil still has treatment cracked, answer the breast, nucleus that treat a plum gas, study the effect such as pinworm.

Loquat leaf puts syrup on the ice


Loquat leaf 5, rock candy is right amount, clear water right amount


 Loquat leaf rock candy boils the effect of water

The 1st pace uses new loquat part of a historical period brush gently1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The ground cleans the nap of its surface clean.

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The 2nd pace immerses washed loquat Xie Jiashui 15 minutes or so next, next reoccupy clear water is rinsed.

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Right amount size puts Pa Xie Jiancheng into boiler inside, enter right amount clear water inside boiler next, suffer from excessive internal heat is boiled.

After water of the 4th pace leaves, churn gently a few times with ladle, join right amount rock candy, turn small fire is boiled.

The 5th pace involves fire after about half hours.

The boil in a covered pot over a slow fire of water of loquat rock candy that the 6th situation will cooked opens lid teem a little while can edible.


Water of rock candy of this loquat leaf everyday a few drinkable can embellish lung relieves a cough, use at treating dry cough, sickness.

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