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When a person is young there is rich collagen egg white on the face, but as age grow gradually, collagenFall in love with the sea to be the same asFall in love with the sea

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Albumen is met gradually prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, allow the condition of skin occurrence ageing. So many females to delay oneself anile case, with respect to meeting profess to convinced albumen of a few collagen, among them collagen albumen jelly is oneShanghai noble baby

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Kind the jelly of albumen of OK and compensatory collagen. But does like collagen albumen jelly this kind of hairdressing protect skin to taste having side effect?

 Collagen albumen jelly has side effect

One, does collagen albumen jelly have side effect

Medicine reducing weight has certain side effect, suggest not to choose, still mix through control food strengthen the means that take exercise to undertake. Cannot use the effect that takes medicine reducing weight and the method that health care reducing weight tastes to achieve thin body, because reduce weight,medicine is very big to the harm of the body, can cause the injury of liver kidney and occurrence heart early throb.

2, the hairdressing action of collagen albumen

1, nutrition is protected wet

What collagen albumen contains a lot ofhydrophily is natural protect wet factor, its unique 3 helix structure can chain strong water element, can be being absorbed is itself the moisture of 30 times, thereby effectively moist skin, make skin burnish water tender.

 Collagen albumen jelly has side effect

2, beautiful white bright skin

Cutaneous burnish depends on water content, the ability defending water with collagen good albumen can make skin water embellish bright lustre, send out healthy glorious. Collagen albumen has very strong osmotic, it can be lubricant corneous layer, stimulative skin is metabolic, stimulate skin small loop, restrain the formation of melanin, make the skin smooth, bright lustre, for nothing clean.

3, anti-creasing close skin

The collagen albumen that measures as a result of young member can be absorbed by the skin completely, and fill is between skin matrix layer, support skin organization, make the skin plump, furrow is extended, increase skin density at the same time, generation tension, thereby gently furrow, add skin flexibility.

4, repair skin, divide scar of blain, dispel blain

Collagen albumen itself has diminish inflammation and the effect that replace skin. Collagen albumen can be direct infiltration skin is rock-bottom, and with all round constituent endophilicity is good, can make rejuvenesce, let have blainForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The skin that reachs scar slowly repairLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, reductive the skin that becomes health.

 Collagen albumen jelly has side effect

5, eliminate black rim of the eye, pouch
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Constituent skin layer is thin all round some people eye, constituent structure is relatively so flabby also, blood gathers in flabby ministry, bring about generation black rim of the eye, when eye ministry skin prolapse formed pouch. Collagen albumen can make skin the structure becomes close send, bouncy, contractive prolapse skins, achieve the result that eliminates black rim of the eye, pouch thereby.

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