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Taste is frail it is very common symptom, the person’s disposition has a variety of classification, the commonnestShanghai Long Feng forum

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include Xu Han of disposition empty, lienal deficiency of yang, taste to wait a moment, the cause that causes lienal empty has a lot of, food is for instance unreasonable, long excessive overworked, or on spirit often care is thought of wait a moment heavily, solve lienal empty problem, everybody can eat more following these be good at lienal food.

It what eat is OK to what eat be good at lienal? Recommend eat these 8 kinds!

1, polished glutinous rice

Polished glutinous rice contains a lot ofvitamin of B a group of things with common features, can warm taste, the gas in benefiting. Cold to taste empty, appetite not beautiful, abdominal distension diarrhoea has alleviate certainly action. Reason archaism has ” congee of polished glutinous rice enrages fine quality goods for Wen Yangwei ” . Polished glutinous rice and yam boil congee, but able-bodied taste; Add lotus seed to be boiled together, but have diarrhoea of lukewarm break down; Of inappetence, can boil polished glutinous rice and pig abdomen together and feed.

It what eat is OK to what eat be good at lienal? Recommend eat these 8 kinds!

2, apple

The apple is fruit of beautiful of a kind of health care, have be good at stomach of lienal, filling gas, beneficial, unripe1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The effect of ferry moisten the respiratory tract, feed the disease such as gastralgia of deficient empty of shade of little, stomach, deficiency of yin with irritability to all have improvement to lienal empty action. Apple 500 grams, sago, white sugar each 100 grams, add water right amount, boil congee in all. Malic congee is had promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish lung, wait for action except heat of irritated, solution, be good at stomach, apply to effort inadequacy, queasy, dyspeptic, enteritis dry and hard of dysenteric, defecate, hypertension.

It what eat is OK to what eat be good at lienal? Recommend eat these 8 kinds!

3, ginkgo

The nutrient value of ginkgo is very high, contain thick albumen, crude fat, reduced sugar, nucleoprotein, mineral, crude fibre and a variety of vitamin composition. It is OK to often eat ginkgo method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, fight consenescence effectively, stimulative blood circulates, let glorious of coruscate of color of skin. Additional, with ginkgo the syrup that boil still has the effect of be good at taste.

4, hillMedicine

A variety of nutrition material such as amylase are contained in yam, yam is OK be good at lienal raise a stomach, conduce to human body digesting. Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in have “Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Be good at lienal benefit, kidney of grow energy firm, treat all 100 disease, cure exhaustion or lesion of the five internal organs 7 injuries ” say. Food not raw or cold food of section, partial eclipse brings about intestines and stomach extremely easily unwell, eat some of yam helpful also. Yam belongs to starch kind rhizome is vegetable, when edible with steamed wheaten foods, boil feed had better, ought to avoid deepfry, explode fry wait for cooking means.

5, Xianggu mushroom

Can fill taste, beneficial is angry. Use at taste frail, appetite ebbs, enrage lack of power disease less. Substitute now at preventing and cure rachitic, cancer of the stomach. Go up early in archaic document with respect to account, fungus of stay of proceedings has beneficial to enrage filling empty, be good at taste, treat a variety of effect such as dermatosis. Must hear when choosing Xianggu mushroom, whetherForum of Shanghai night net

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Aculeate nose odour.

6, hyacinth bean

Hyacinth bean, be good at lienal raise a stomach, disappear heat is changed wet, and hyacinth bean is prandial fiber content is high, the celery that often says than us is even 3 times taller much. The person of get angry of easy at ordinary times constipation mights as well eat bit of hyacinth bean more, but if because eat,be much chili, coffee the constipation that wait for excitant food and brings about, cannot rely on to absorb prandial fiber to alleviate, it may make constipation more serious.

7, pig abdomen

Pig abdomen is the beautiful of benefiting tasteForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Article, be regarded as from of old ” invigorator ” , it is medicinal food staple food. Pig abdomen has filling empty damage, the effect of be good at taste. Use at empty fatigue emaciated, stomach-ache is painful, gastroptosis, children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is accumulated etc. Might as well boil boiling water drinkable, if soup of pig abdomen the root of remembranous milk vetch conduces to the appearance that improves people autumn inappetence, have at the same time be good at lienal beneficial gas, disappear feeds appetizing effect. Still apply to gastroptosis and the patient that have chronic gastritis.

8, Chinese chestnut

Chinese chestnut pulp contains a lot ofrich vitamin, it is good benefiting food. Pleasant of flavour of Chinese chestnut sex, lukewarm, avirulent, enter lienal, stomach, kidney. Pulp beneficial kidney is angry, be good at taste, strong lumbar genu, strong bones and muscles, and invigorate the circulation of blood, hemostatic, detumescence. 500 grams add chestnut white sugar is right amount, make paste. Chestnut paste has be good at taste, the effect that thick bowel.

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