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Violet leaf lettuce is sufferred from a bit can eat, the cause that causes hair pain has a lot of, concern with the breed of lettuce, the soil that be returned additionally and cultivates is concerned. Have the effect of clear fire a bit painstakingly a little, the too fat personage that suits to often eat very much. Of course, if do not like this kind is acrid, can put immerse inside Wen Shui, perhaps use boiled water scald, can purify of this lettuce acrid.

Can violet leaf lettuce eat painstakingly

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Dish egg spends soup advocate makings: 50g of lettuce of tomato 100g, violet leaf, egg 1. Complementary makings: Green right amount, beef1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Pink 0.5 spoon, salt is right amount.

Can violet leaf lettuce eat painstakingly

Measure 1, persimmon is abluent cut small, lettuce is abluent, cut Cheng Xiaoduo, the egg adds a few salt to hit divide evenly, green cuts chopped green onion.

2, water is heated in boiler, after water is boiling, join persimmon.

Can violet leaf lettuce eat painstakingly

3, after boiling a red boiling water, join lettuce, join pink of a few beef and salt, enter egg fluid, with ladle fire involves after light jog is caky.

What person cannot take the note of violet leaf lettuce, violet leaf lettuce

1, what person cannot eat violetShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Foliaceous lettuce pregnant woman should feed violet leaf lettuce less, because of after those who eat became much if, of the level of the vitamin C in can elevatory serum, too tall word is balanced to fetal nutrition it is bad.

2, the applicable crowd of dish of violet Xie Sheng

3, general average per capita but edible.

4, nutrition of violet leaf lettuce is rich, still have clear heat to calm the nerves, the bravery of clear liver benefit, effect that raises a stomach. Forum of Shanghai night net

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Edible of ill patient of lack of C of appropriate stomach trouble, vitamin, fat, high cholesterol, neurasthenic, courage.

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5, the person with the edible contraindication frequent micturition of violet leaf lettuce, cold stomach should feed violet leaf lettuce less.

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