Tokyo Olympic Games adds 15 small Olympic Games not to want even again ” thin body “

According to message of Xinhua News Agency, international Olympic committee held Executive Board meeting in headquarters of mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces on June 9 local time hind, make the decision that decides the project of Tokyo Olympic Games was installed 2020. This Olympic Games will increase include basketball 3 pairs 3, ping-pong in the mixed doubles inside 16 Xiaoxiang, reduce level of weight lifting of a man, be equivalent to small gross increasing 15 namely — add the Karate that had increased certainly last year, marvellous softball, Pan Yan, surf, slide to wait for 5 big 18 Xiaoxiang, tokyo Olympic Games will increase 33 Xiaoxiang than the Olympic Games is being made an appointment with in 2016 2020, gross achieves 339, had broken through international Olympic committee to was passed 2014 far ” 2020 agenda ” in the upper limit that sets 310 Xiaoxiang at most to summertime Olympic committee.

When the decision that sends Olympic committee of border going abroad to decide Tokyo Olympic Games increased 15 Xiaoxiang again 2020 when Luo Sang, hurrah is transmitted in public opinion. Without doubt, any motion project can be squeezed into the Olympic Games is huge success, these 15 Xiaoxiang involve basketball, ping-pong, swim, fencing, bicycle, judo, iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength wait 3 times, include basketball man and woman 3 pairs 3, ping-pong in the mixed doubles, natant 4 × 800 meters of crawl mix medley races of 100 meters of men and women, man woman 4 × mix organization of 1500 meters of crawl, mixture archery, track and field 400 meters relay, judo blends a group contest, iron man-a person of exceptiona上海贵族宝贝论坛

l physical and moral strength 3, man and woman Mai Dixun surpass bicycle field, man of park truckle car and woman freestyle. The athletic project all without exception that adds Xiaoxiang newly can stand for oneself Olympic Games arena and happy, decrease an only man to lift weights a level.

Besides add far over decrease besides, still partial project undertook adjustment, woman of two men boxing is for instance small instead, woman of oarage of 3 men skin is small instead, racing boat of a man is small turn for the woman, 3 fire project turns to mix for the men and women, caique alternates the Xiaoxiang of level of a cata上海夜网论坛


According to the analysis of the personage inside course of study, the be fond of that caters to a youth, increase chance of female athlete match, it is international Olympic committee sets a reason that has be adjustmented substantially to Tokyo Olympic Games.

International Olympic committee still announced the plan that reduces number of athlete of Tokyo Olympic Games at the same time, the athlete number of Tokyo Olympic G爱上海同城论坛

ames carries Biliyaoao the meeting is little 285 people, among them track and field reduces 105 people to lead, lift weights next reduce 64 people, tumble reduces 56 people.

Nevertheless, tokyo Olympic Games still new increased 33 Xiaoxiang, after from 2001 international Olympic committee enters collect case period, “Thin body ” those who became summertime Olympic Games is thematic, 2004 since Athenian Olympic Games, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will become上海贵族宝贝交流区

the first large-scale add Xiaaohui.

So, be the Olympic Games has not needed ” thin body ” ?

Not be apparently, offer by Bach, passed in December 2014 by international Olympic committee ” 2020 agenda ” , clear delimit of summertime Olympic Games setting an upper limit is 310 Xiaoxiang, Olympic Winter Games setting an upper limit is 100 Xiaoxiang, this makes clear actually, international Olympic committee undertakes to the dimensions of the Olympic Games limitation is thought of a dominant, control the dimensions of the Olympic Games inside certain limits, also be to avoid the Olympic Games to give sponsor a country to had created large organization and operation pressure, bring about most country to dare not apply the active countermeasure of the Olympic Games, it is to let each countries and area maintain apply, under上海夜网

take the crucial step of Olympic Games enthusiasm.

But letting what some see the person do not understand is, course of international Olympic committee was mixed last year two congress this year, approve actually the Xiaoxiang of Tokyo Olympic Games increased 339 2020, was head and shoulders above the upper limit of 310 Xiaoxiang. Although adopt the way that cuts other item athlete, ensured the athlete gross of Tokyo Olympic Games has decrease without add, but add rear, involve the judgment, staff member, addition that ensures personnel, match dimensions will surely expand, to Amphitryon, the pressure of organization and operation also will naturally accentuate.

And, be added one this year ceaselessly according to Tokyo Olympic Games mode, probable meeting establishs next Amphitryon to prospective Olympic Games enlarge adds a project to have bigger convenience sex ” convention ” , of the Olympic Games ” thin body ” final likelihood just is reflected was in on paper.

The Olympic Games is added, short-term the thing that looking is an everyone is happy: Most welcome of athletic project itself, amphitryon added may more advantageous to oneself item, international Olympic committee also won’t because of defend to the last ” bottom line ” and offend anyone, but the long-term development from the Ol上海龙凤论坛

ympic Games, “Thin body ” if hold the post of its dimensions to expand,the principle has made clear, in the end, probable it is to the loss outweights the gain.

Beijing of kind Xin our newspaper on June 11 report

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