The male single signs a watch: Er of equestrian dragon wave makes Xin Lin Gaoyuan contend for 8 strong chairs with the area

Beijing time on May 29, life of m上海贵族宝贝论坛

uch husband of Du Sai Er pinged contest singles signs a watch to give heat 2017. Dragon of horse of seed of sports meet number one is in on half area, be the same as Er of wave of veteran of the still has him male double partner in 1/4 area, Germany with M上海龙凤论坛

a Long. Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan is in together 2/4 area, two people will contend for a 8 strong chairs. Zhang Jike and Fan Zhendong are in respectively 3/4 area, 4/4 area.

Ma Long is in into 4 strong the adversary before is not too strong, the 3rd round of his hopeful meets the challenge that loose hero of village of Japanese snick hand fights, m上海千花社区 上海贵族宝贝论坛

a Long or with Chinese Taipei veteran Zhuang Zhiyuan contends for a 8 strong chairs. Be in together of 1/4 area still have Germany 36 years old veteran wave Er, ma Long and wave Er are doubles partner, but they can be likely in singles match join forces 8 strong fight. The male double autograph of Ma Long and wave Er carries not beautiful, they or be in the 3rd round with Xu Xin with Fan Zhendong encounter ahead of schedule.

Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan is in together 2/4 area, the director coach Wu Jingping that this the world pings contest makes Xin fails the spot, this will cause certain effect to Xu Xin. Two people contend for a 8 strong chairs, this is probable also be a country the autograph that ping is willing to see quite, chinese male pin上海千花网交友

g is undertaking new old replace now, lin Gaoyuan wants to grow for real absolutely main force, must want to pull discontinue of a few brunt to just go. Lin Gaoyuan wants to serve as so爱上海龙凤419桑拿

mewhat, have to ping be broken through somewhat on contest in this world. The on half area of 2/4 area, the Zheng Rong Zhi of the hawk of person water cereal that has Japan and Korea.

Zhang Jike is in 3/4 area, zhang Jike was immersed in Han general surround. The 3rd round of Zhang Jike is opposite likely the winner between Zhen Jinmin stannum and Li Shangzhu, and the below half area of 3/4 area still has surpass Ding Xiangen of male single runner-up without Xi Yajin. Ding Xiangen wants to challenge Zhang Jike, this closes the Huang Zhenting that should cross Chinese Hong Kong possibly first. And compete with Zhang Jike of 8 strong chairs, the likelihood still has Suo Nuofu of Mu of Sa of White Russia veteran.

Fan Zhendong is a sports meet 2 seeds, famous general of he and one of strong opponent that the country pings, Germany abstruse Qialuofu is in together 4/4 area. Fan Zhendong was last year champion of male ping world cup, on of the month surpass male single champion without Xi Yajin, this small will latter state of 20 years old beautiful, be regarded as what this second world ping surpasses to contend for a coronal by a lot of people big popular. (Red)

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