The 2nd day of caballero shows horsemanship world cup surprise of hard-fought war of magic power passion is ceaseless

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China of horsemanship world cup stands

On April 30, couplet of horse of international of watch of 2017 billow musical instrument (FEI) field obstacle world cup – the wonderful contend that Chinese league matches spread out the 2nd day in Chu Xiachao in relief park.

In horsemanship this allows to reach skill to ask very severe competition is medium to dedicated, balance, essence, watch of billow musical instrument provided the timing system with standard essence. Billow musical instrument is expressed with its outstanding performance, elegant bearing and horsemanship move bring out the best in each other. Grain name banker luxuriants growth in international wine line of business with France the grain in Boerduo. Of place of business of wine of Lei Wo fort ” Leiwobao’s flower “上海同城对对碰交友社区

the brand regards match government red wine as the sponsor. Red wine and horsemanship photograph are accompanied, seek contain jointly in the history full-bodied. The fountainhead of embellish regards this second match drinking water as exclusive sponsor, will be the same as horsemanship world cup one case, embrace youthful energy, lead healthy future.

Qualification of 145cm world cup surpasses: Each shows special prowess, show extraordinary again

The contest of qualification of grand opera world cup now is in punctual at 4 o’clock afternoon start shooting, france is famous caballero, 2016 lis brief general of benefit of humble of championship of Olympic Games organization. Luo Ze Er presses a large number of heroes in the force in this argue, pick laurel. Contest of world cup qualification is caballero and horses very good warm up and adjusted opportunity, match achievement will decide tomorrow world cup of final of the first station come on the stage ordinal.

The caballero dawn that takes part in the match on behalf of China adds Luo Dan to ride ” NEWTIME DE BAUSSY ” take the lead in coming on the stage, he made wonderful head with the technical movement of the 0 perfect performance that penalize cent and high quality blast, final results qualification surpasses runner-up. But the beautiful performance that the back-to-back Chinese caballero that come on the stage adds Luo Dan without continuance dawn, zhou Rui great, red authority, Duan Yihua all appeared the obstacle punishs cent. Caballero of Hong Kong of China of total champion of league matches of world cup China is bristly last year the circumstance that the letter appears 3 times to drop lever, your spot audience sobs unceasingly.

The Zhao annals that takes part in the match on behalf of China is tattooing gules knight is taken, heroic bearing valiant, bearing is uncommon, the match counteracts Ma Er Buddhist to poor this cooperate tacit understanding, be in especially span the take off when setting a barrier lightsome, fall to the ground is firm, the 3rd good result is obtained in this qualification contest.

General of benefit of French veteran humble. In the contest of warm up of 140CM world cup in 29 days after obtaining the 4th easily, eventually ” the sword gives scabbard ” , showed abundant actual strength. The tall bounce of Ma Er Wo Si is swift and violent quickness, cooperate with caballero harmonious, the small circumgyrate when be being bent too makes a person acclaim as the peak of perfection. Philip. What Luo Ze Er depends on master degree is fluent ride by the applause that exchanged pavilion prolonged not to cease.

Does the contest when is 110-120cm contended for contain add contest: ? Part of the day of  of Zhao of slash  of protein of chime stone  ?

The contest when 110-120CM is contended for is moved in the spot spread out in the background music that appreciates raise, in this level match, if the first athlete appears identical punish cent, when undertaking contending for, add contest. If add contest punishs split phase to be the same as, when using little person, before the place is listed. Pass intense competition one time, share 20 pairs of forces to combine 0 punished cent to complete the race, enter Jump – in Off add contest.

In add contest, caballero pe爱上海

ople appeared in succession error and the cent that be punished, only 3 caballero continue the 0 perfect performance that penalize cent, final cent obtains Guan Yaji army.

Caballero is successional before Zhao Zhonghe 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

broke the 7th Tibet line that come on the stage the situation of error, become the first 0 caballero that punish minute of competition that finish, integral advancing course is delicate and orderly, hold a laurel in both hands finally with the beautiful accomplishment of 40.08 seconds. Zhao Zhonghe’s Ma Er ” CAMELOT V ” today’s expression also lets a person shine at the moment, its bodily form is compact, hair Hei Liang, take off is vigrous strong, imposing manner is like rainbow; Be born is smooth and easy, natural and graceful, have quite ” champion attitude ” , match put the palms together to divide tacit understanding with Zhao Zhongh上海龙凤论坛sh1f


Tightening what come on the stage then is the Tian Yu that comes from course of study of horse of treasure the Qin Dynasty, although age is not old, but beginning her with respect to world cup of go on an expedition from 15 years old is a seasoned competition ground veteran already. Regard add contest as the female athlete that the first place comes on the stage, cropland rain women does not allow a man, 0 punish cent to complete the race flat and agily, win second place.

Zhang Chuyue of small caballero of the club in the Henan land that controls an axis to come on the stage and shadow of evil spirit love a horse are firm in strive for victory, advance finally time 51.05 seconds, harvest Ji Jun. The form of the composed maturity that Zhang Chuyue shows makes a person gasp in admiration: The younger generation will surpass the older, before road but period.

60-90cm adolescent and horse advocate contest – the 2nd round: More wonderful confused shows Zhan Yuyong

60-90cm adolescent and horse advocate the competition that contest welcomes now, this level the 2nd round of match comes on the stage ordinal according to achievement of the first round of match pour foreword, final result presses rank of result of match achievement addition two rounds. The Cheng after the match arrives more, wonderful confused shows all the more.

The body of fair girl IVEZAJ GRETA ELISE that reciprocal comes on the stage the 5th times rides Bai Ma, walking is lightsome, span with what essence of life allows 0 punish minute of competition that finish. Back-to-back, the Xing Sai Yuanqi of Tibetan team loves foal small Long Nv to come on the stage, this is in to combination match initial stage gets everybody eyeball with wrestle of swift and violent attitude, fluent the ground that do not have block completes the race, refresh the 54.1 seconds military successes of IVEZAJ GRETA ELISE, pull next champion finally with the military successes of 53.43 seconds.

The axis is pressed to come on the stage in the Liang Yini that unplugs so that the head prepares in the first round of match yesterday, still carrying dovish yesterday form, harvest Ji Jun finally.

Also appeared when spot match some small ” accident ” , the future of Liu eaves not care at all that young group comes on the stage the 7th times advances smooth, the Cheng after arriving, her horses is little black abrupt hysterical, liu Yutian fails to be controlled successfully small black, fall carelessly horse, be washed out finally. “Bolt ” small black proceed ” the battle of a horse ” , run in competition ground freedom two minutes of Zhong Houcai became quiet, walk out of field alone.

Now horse advocate the match of the group also is wonderful coexist with the accident. Yesterday the cent in the first round of match is listed inferior, Lin Hu and Zhou Lijiang behave Ji Jun’s tower to grab an eye as before now, all complete the race with the 0 movements that punish cent, natural and smooth writing, the faint actor power that final Zhou Lijiang reachs 0.46 seconds with the achievement of 52.23 seconds presses tower Lin Hu to be picked champion, again refresh audience the acknowledge to horsemanship match speed and skill. The Jianghai of Europe horsemanship center silvers coin to obtain a horse with the achievement of 55.07 seconds in advocate group Ji Jun.

The Jiang Zhixiang that wins championship in the first round of match carries girl of cover love foal to appear once more now, this is driving to combining impetus, take buy time of small revolving mean爱上海龙凤419桑拿

s in turning again and again, complete the race with the rapiddest rate of 51.07 seconds. But end paragraph leg occurrence error, lever of obstacle of unfortunate fetch down, obtain 4 punish cent, fail to realize Wei Mian.

The star of the hope surpasses: Small caballero has big energy

On the astral contest of the hope now, small caballero people the contention between relatively more intense yesterday. Come from suitable power of international unconscious brand-new fold with high component of 89.5 minutes this group laurel, unconscious brand-new advancing whole journey is fluent without block, gait is lightsome, rhythm is rich and metrical, her expression made the window that Benchangbi surpasses. Come from Han Wu contented of 10 small caballero king and love foal chocolate cooperate harmonious, too lever, across lever is easy and composed, win this series second place finally with achievement of 88.5 minutes. The Ji Jun that paratactic Benchangbi surpasses Yue Mingshan and Bao favorable reply.

This year is couplet of horse of international of watch of billow musical instrument (FEI) field obstacle world cup – the 7th year that Chinese league matches enters China, the match undertakes the executive president Cao Jing of limited company of entertainment of sports of new international of orgnaization an ancient name for China thinks 7 years this fight bravely already match brand and match plump degree 阿拉爱上海同城

of position that ideal compares at the beginning of making a design:

“This year the 51 the first station during the 2nd station presented a lot of new elements for everybody: The horsemanship lover that fashionable lifestyle exhibits will relevant brand and spot is united in wedlock, offer a few fashionable lifestyle and more comfortable consumption alternative to everybody, make here the big Party of a horsemanship. On the other hand, horsemanship likes a group to need the help of the platform that watch game in the match, introduced horsemanship home then, hope everybody uses this platform when watching game, participate in interactive, the participation that experiences match brand better quality, have more knowledge to horsemanship. The 3rd, new international of an ancient name for China is new the makes for caballero of adolescent of world each country only international horse couplet that introduce is teenage field steeplechase will be about to land China September this year, this station match also became to join, the hope provides more elegant and comfortable experience platform to everybody, also hope to take Chinese horsemanship world cup to home each places, stimulative horsemanship likes the communication between the group. Group of major of group of hope horsemanship interest pays close attention to together, participate in, development. Hope everybody comes to sunny park watch the game. Hope everybody comes to sunny park watch the game..

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