Kenny should come to all fools’ day again ” final illusion 15: Comrade-in-arms ” new Boss is announced

Today, ” final illusion 15 ” announce on their official Tw上海千花网交友

itter, mascot of famous all fools’ day Kenny, will serve as ” final illusion 15: Comrade-in-arms ” the 10th new Boss, arrive at was being joined on March 26 in game. ” final illusion 15 ” the challenge goes before the player of much person mode mights as well. ” final illusion 15 ” old players are sure to Kenny Ke fatigue still has impression, all fools’ day 2017, ” final illusion 15 ” the government announced DLC on Twitter ” Kenny’s chapter ” , regard the painte新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

d eggshell of all fools’ day as Kenny, earned broad ” final illusion 15 ” the player’s smiling face. This feels the green head chicken of cheap cheap only, also made the famous mascot of all fools’ day. The 2019 all fools’ day on the horse also shou爱上海龙爱上海同城论坛


ld come, kenny will serve as this ” final illusion 15 ” much person mode ” final illusion 15: Comrade-in-arms ” the 10th Boss is challenged for players ” final illusion 15 ” as cropland end leaves to also was the destiny picture that is it to finish period, of this Kenny join should can bring a few memory in the p上海千花社区

ast to old players, might as well the associate that looks for oneself people the green head chicken that goes seeing this clumsy bud togeth上海千花网交友


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