NX will have huge game support! One year the battle array will exceed Wii U 3 years

 Expect to holding the post of the Emily Rogers that heaven understands very much to explode it is very worth while to call Ren Tiantang new leader NX of the player expect. NX is configured besides hardware very pretty good outside, the game software battle array of form a complete set also will be huge. Say according to Rogers place, ren Tiantang changed their main development and manufacturing course, raise those who land game of NX lead plane to yield greatly ability.

Rogers denied NX lead plane to use framework of Polaris of rice of AMD 14 accept recently the rumor of custom-built GPU, nevertheless she states NX lead plane is configured at the same time really pretty good also. Before she ever edition of divulge Wii U ” Saierda ” also will land NX. Additionally she still says to game of 4 Wii U goes to transplanting on NX.

She explained on new rich guest now why the player should maintain to battle array of game of NX lead plane expect, the game that she says to NX kills the second Wii U yields ability. The game that Rogers shows NX main engine one year yields ability will be Wii U the 3 total that reach 4 years are even much.

NX will be to hold the post of game of on heaven company history one party to land most lead plane (what here says is NX whole enlist in army periodic, be not 9 years)

Final Rogers still says Ren Tiantang is likely newses of all NX lead plane won’t be announced on E3, the meeting on E3 is withheld somewhat, in order to have the news briefing later is used.

Overall for, NX lead plane will have the support of game of magnanimity of atelier of one party. Consider Ren Tiantang nevertheless atelier of game of one party is recreational almost kind of game, hope NX also can acquire tripartite firm support energetically.

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