” denounce ghost to pass 2 ” two brand-new the part comes on stage to again sexy girl comes!

Fami is connected now brought for us ” denounce ghost to pass 2 ” graph of this week magazine skeletonize, from inside the graph nevertheless we also can see game will mix new role, at the same time outside intermediary also brought these two new roles for us and brand-new pertinent information of the system.

Chinese toon: The weapon is the cavalier of the gun, the effort that completed clever hill to train arms course with first achievement. In meet demon when lost a mother, was thought to become strong daily practice hard.

The god does not have: The weapon is too knife, the Gu do not have a mouth that belongs to cavalier army Gao Jian person, the person that do not have the actual strength that be defeated all one’s life gets all round the person’s reliance, actually very fox is afraid of a day.

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