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Alvine polyp can say is a kind of more serious alvine path illness, when the patient got alvine polyp, the patient is the kind that can take conservative therapy, but can treat so below the circumstance with long only slight polyp, if alvine polyp must want undergo surgery excision badlier, after the patient affected alvine polyp, mostLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The circumstance of meeting occurrence bellyacke, so what kind of is the defecate of alvine polyp patient?

Alvine polyp defecate

If carelessly problem of a few food and the disease that habits and customs can get a lot of concerned intestines and stomach, 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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And the disease of intestines and stomach is affected to the body very big. If appear problem of intestines and stomach, digest an issue with respect to meeting influence, affect the body absorption to nutrition. Produce very great harm to the body, because this must notice nutrient health is wholesome at ordinary times, have a good dietary habit.

If the patient of a few long polyp appears the word of defecate grow in quantity, discover oneself are catch cold catch cold above all, next, whether is there the occurrence of a few inflammations in intestines and stomach. Still have the diarrhoea that wanted seasonable examination to suffer virus infection to cause, more serious finally is whether be stomach cancer appear, let below specific the reason that will see increase of alvine polyp defecate.

The first catch cold catch cold, if was in after bowel is polypous, still got cool word, the food that perhaps ate a few raw or cold food also can make defecate grow in quantity. Intestines and stomach is more sensitive after because take,getting alvine polyp and flimsy. If eat the food of a few raw or cold food again at that time, can cause diarrhoea very easily, can make next defecate grow in quantity. Because this patient must notice avoid raw or cold food, summer also does not have a few ice-cream cold drink.

Alvine polyp defecate

The 2nd inflammation appears, was in after bowel is polypous, still can cause a few other issues to appear, for instance of inflammation of a few concerned intestines and stomachShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Happen, also can cause defecate increase. Because this is in,occurrence inflammation must go to a hospital in time checking hand-in-hand travel to diagnose seasonable cure later, still meet those who cause a lot of complication appear otherwise with body unwell phenomenon. Take a few medicaments even in time to treat the occurrence of inflammation.

The 3rd virus is affected. If a few patients carelessly food, perhaps pass through eating a few food a few otherer the way contracts virus, can cause defecate increase next. Besides defecate grow in quantity, still can cause other symptom for instance bellyacke, diarrhoea, disgusting, vomit, calorific, the whole body is uncomfortable. Serious still can produce syncope, because this must go to a hospital in time checking seasonable cure in time, and take a few relevant medicaments.

Alvine polyp defecate

The 4th, the occurrence of colonic cancer. If some of patient was in after bowel is polypous,discovery was treated in time, butShanghai night net

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, defecate frequency is changed however a lot of. Be about to notice be colonic cancer to appear at that time, if go to a hospital diagnosing the word that is colonic cancer, must undergo surgery was treated. The symptom is lighter can treat, but if be more serious,be about to undertake changing cure.

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Have the patient of alvine polyp, the word of occurrence defecate grow in quantity, the thing that is about to check oneself to live to eat a few raw or cold food daily first perhaps drinks a few cold drink. Eliminating this reason to be about to go to a hospital be being checked is to inflammation of a few inflammation appears, and cause defecate increase. Still the most serious is colonic cancer appear, if be the word of colonic cancer,be about inchoate be about to go to a hospital treating.

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