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, because listen to this name to have the feeling of name of a kind of Japan, a Japanese doctor discovers and actually this kind of disease names, plain Qi disease is in the last few years on child body come on probability is very tall, and be in especially the summer when, weather is torridder come on very easily, why can you get plain Qi disease so?

Why to meet plain Qi is illy

One respecting plain Qi is ill, believe all mom can feel exceedingly unfamiliar, because the incidence of a disease of plain Qi disease is in,this is in former years when not be very tall, but the incidence of a disease of plain Qi disease begins the last few years gradually grow in quantity, so after all is plain Qi disease how cause?

Above all, the specific reason that causes plain Qi disease is not very clear actually, because it has this kind of disease,certain epidemic is mixed local, when Guo Chuanqi disease is coming on, can not make the patient appears have a fever, still the meeting on the skin has rash appearance, figure likelihood and infection of a few bodies concern plain Qi disease on the data so.

Next, cause the other reason of plain Qi disease, somebody feels is the infection of respect of a kind of streptococcic virus, still the data shows, the pollution that also is an environment likely and the plain Qi disease that cause to chemical article allergy.

Why to meet plain Qi is illy

Finally, because patient itself exists,plain Qi disease still is likely a few immunity are maladjusted, erode the body when many virus in, with respect to the unbalance that can cause a cell, cellular itself cannot secrete antibody, with respect to the noxiousness effect that can cause endodermis cell, make endodermis cell injury causes plain Qi disease thereby.

What is plain Qi ill

Although plain Qi disease listens,go up very unfamiliar, but the meaning that unscrambles font carefully should discover not hard also, the name of a city will name it, so what is plain Qi disease? Which can the specific symptom of plain Qi disease have again a few? Summed up the following, look downward together.

Why to meet plain Qi is illy

Above all, plain Qi disease is the earliest coming on is to be in Japan, it is to a person is called plain Qi, and this disease is the earliest be his discovery give a name so for plain Qi disease. Plain Qi disease basically can make systemic blood-vessel agnail of the child causes body occurrence high fever, most when beginning to come on, plain Qi disease can make the patient achieves high fever 39 degrees of above, and can be burned continuously control to 5 days, it can appear iteration high fever symptom, alsoA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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That is to say, if high fever is controlled 9 weeks,meet subsidise, but lie between two days to be able to continue again high fever, some patients can appear even 34 weeks of high fever, if use remedy of allay a fever, brief action also reachs since the meeting only.

Additional, have a fever in the patient the following the truncal place of a few days of patients especially limb, can appear a few appearance are not special, the spot papula with different measurement, if the patient continues to appear the condition of high fever, can make so eye the eye conjunctiva of two side congests, extremely individual patient can appear conjunctivitis purulent phenomenonLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, can appear in the patient’s lip at the same time red and dry wait for a symptom, some even patient lip still can bleed.

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