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The symptom of pregnant woman occurrence constipation is commonner, above all the exudation of the hormone inside pregnant woman body grow in quantity, can bring about hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete decrease, bring about peristalsis of gastric bowel path to slow thereby, cause costive symptom. Next, mood change is too big during pregnant woman is pregnant and food is undeserved also be the cause that causes constipation, proposal pregnant woman should want to notice nutrition is balanced, eat a few vegetable appropriately, drink water more, can move those who will promote intestines and stomach to digest with going out.

Pregnant woman constipation is what reason

Be pregnant old constipation is how to return a responsibility

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After pregnant, below the influence that changes in endocrine hormone, placenta secretes many progestational hormone, make hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted decrease, the muscle tension that gastric bowel drops reach sarcous peristaltic ability is abate. Such, make eat the time lengthen that the food that go in keeps in gastric bowel path, before cannot resembling pregnant outside body of normal in that way eduction.

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Must work again hard, hard outside eduction body.

Still have after be pregnant, before the body activity of pregnant woman should compare pregnant, decrease, the uterus that causes alvine path muscle to drive excrement and urine not easily to run; to increase outwards is formed to rectum again oppressive, make excrement and urine difficult withA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The muscle of wall of abdomen of pregnant woman of eduction; together with becomes weak, press without enough abdomen when defecate drive. Accordingly, although pregnant woman had meaning, also contracted forcibly abdominal muscle, but accumulation still is discharged very hard in the excrement and urine in rectum go out.

Pregnant woman constipation is what reason

Costive cure

Pregnant mammy produces constipation, improving way best is begin from lifestyle, the effort that relies on oneself will overcome, and rather than is solved with medicine. Live for example the rule, much absorb the cellulose food and moisture, right amount motion, defecate habit that maintains the pattern to wait. Specific means is:

1, morning removes time defecate

Time defecate, rise in morning or use the toilet after breakfast. Push a motion as a result of the colon after breakfast relatively active, start defecate easily, after reason breakfast a hour or so for optimal defecate time. Do not ignore meaning, cannot bear inconvenience by force more. More important is to crouch lavatory time cannot grow too, make celiac pressing elevatory not only, still bring difficulty to lower limbs circumfluence. Had better use sitForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Lavatory defecate, hind with avoid crouch the basin that wash buttock to clean perineal ministry and anus, already sanitation avoids next for a long time crouching to increase celiac internal pressure again.

2, the vivid momentum that adds the body appropriately at the same time, much activity can enhance gastric bowel peristalsis, pressure of enough, buoyant, spirit gets sleep alleviate etc is the good method that relieves constipation.

Pregnant woman constipation is what reason

3, generation meaning hind is entered in time lavatory. One have meaning be about to be entered in time lavatory, must not form bear habit, relaxation state of mind should maintain when defecate, although not eduction is not nervous also, otherwise constipation will be more aggravating.

4, the food with reasonable arrangement, eat more contain the food with much fiber, wait like the vegetable such as apple, turnip, fruit, legume.

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Moisture. Daily drink 1000 milliliter water at least, make the moisture inside body compensatory, it is the important method that relieves constipation.

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