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If the skeleton of human body is met likely to invite skeleton happening crack by the word that outside force bumps, serious may bone is broken. If skeleton had break or the word of fracture, must have joined bone, the place that makes bone broken is received on heal rises, such ability are quite skeletal cicatrization again. The hospital is in previously the patient of cure fracture is to pass the way that makes plaster stone to treat, some also can be asked hit steel to nail, must fracture hit steel to nail?

Must fracture hit steel to nail

One, how is the steel hammer of Zhi bone fracture hit

According to fracture place incision muscle shows a fracture position, break off bone next upright counterpoint is good, armor plate the temporary lodging during a trip on clingy fracture place, nail the skeleton of fixed armor plate and fracture place with steel next, cut is average too won’t small.

Zhi bone is the small-sized long bone with thenar composition, be similar toFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Hand palmar metacarpal, be located in, between the tarsus of sufficient ministry and phalange, the fracture of Zhi bone can bring huge inconvenience to the life of people, affect the mankind directly stand and walk. The method of common conservative cure fracture has the following kinds:

1, unplug extend drawing: Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Fracture degree has angle fracture or two kinds of circumstances that bone disconnects, unplug extending drawing is to passShanghai noble baby

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Sarcous pulling force, pull open skeleton, undertake skeleton between compound. The jackknife shift that the main effect of this kind of method that treats fracture is end of bonesetting of correct of antagonism sarcous force restores the length of limbs.

2, rotate to circle:

As a result of outside active force brings about bone to disconnect, the bone after disconnecting pullbacks afresh as a result of sarcous pulling force, the character that create is answered circle amlposition, this kind of fracture restores very hard former, disconnecting bone is carried cannot direct drawing pullbacks, need to use sarcous pulling force to rotate to opposite way at the same time at this moment drawing, make its regain former position. This oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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What gimmick basically solves is fracture breaks end between rotate and carry on the back to shift. This is the very good method that treats fracture.

3, the hand feels a heart to meet:

Alleged hand feels a heart to meet what be equivalent to ancient time look, hear, ask, cut, depend on old practise medicine experience, in the process that feels in the hand, carry signal of X mating plateForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Graph, seek the shift way of accurate skeleton. The method of fracture of this one cure basically is the circumstance does pair of fracture to be analysed probably.

Must fracture hit steel to nail

2, the semiotic expression of Zhi bone fracture

() symptom

Main show is ample backside strut, sufficient needle loads the obstacle is mixed with sufficient follow to wait for a characteristic on foot. Hypodermic haemorrhage is much person, ample backside can present high strut.

(2) the clinical expression of fracture of Zhi bone march

Basically be local fatigue and painful, tenderness, weak feeling and make continue march suffers be restricted to wait for semiotic;X line to make the same score piece inchoate show hard, 2 ~ line of 3 weeks of rear occurrence fracture, later period has change of periosteum hyperplasia reaction.

(3) divide model

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Skull of ① Zhi bone folds: Much because of direct and violent be caused by, ahead joint face also at the same time be put into trouble, clinical go up relatively scarce.

Fracture of neck of ② Zhi bone: Formerer for many, fracture is occipital easy to Zhi side shift, need restoration processing.

Fracture of ③ Zhi backbone: Also be bumped because of outside force more or extruding be caused by, see more, bone of Chang Duogen Zhi is coinstantaneous.

Fracture of ministry of base of ④ Zhi bone: But because of direct force or be caused by of sufficient ministry sprain, especially fracture of ministry of base of bone of the 5th Zhi, because be pulled to pull place to cause by flesh of fibula weak point when sufficient varus injury,90% above are, answer right now attention and epiphysis (children patient) reach sesamoid photograph to differentiate.

Fracture of march of ⑤ Zhi bone: Say again for march fatigue fracture, see at the 2nd pass an imperial examination backbone of 3 Zhi bone is in more, see for how with the soldier of long-distance march, friend says more for march fracture. As a result of reduplicative, excess load press stress action to be in form ossification to fold at sufficient Zong Gong. 3 Zhi bone bears the 2nd pass an imperial examination power is the greatest, and its skeleton intensity is inferior to bone of the first Zhi again however tough, because of this easy herein occurrence fracture.

Must fracture hit steel to nail

The diagnosis of Zhi bone fracture is general all easier, its are traumatic history much clearer, and this skeleton table is simple, check easily, line of together with X piece show general clearer; but fracture of break of ministry of Zhi bone base, because X line is cast,can take point of view undeserved and identify hard, answer right now with clinical diagnose give priority to.

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