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A variety of Chinese cabbage is OK clear heat is alexipharmic, effect of reduce internal heat is better, a variety of Chinese cabbage returns OK and compensatory human body all sorts of vitamins, better also to discharging poison, leek can fill kidney, boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage tastes flavour is more delicious, a lot of people love to eat the dumpling of stuffing of this kind of element, the way of boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage is simpler, learn easily simply, is the practice of boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage what kind of? Next we look.

The practice of boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage is what kind of

One. With makings

Flour 4 cups, leekNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Dish a small, chinese cabbage 100g, pork 400g, peanut oil is right amount, soy is right amount, flavour pole delicacy is right amount, salt 3 ~ 4 small spoon, gallinaceous essence a handful.

2. Measure

Measure 1

Flour adds water to knead dough, the lid lasts film or it is to be put in the Tang in bag half hours or so.

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Measure 2

Pork cuts Cheng Xiaoding, add right amount soy and flavor extremely rare mix is even divide evenly of oily agitate of rejoin a few.

Measure 3

Leek and Chinese cabbage are mincing, do not want to expect with stuffing first, when mix again finally, or can give a lot of water.

Measure 4

Take out dough to cut quarter, knead each dough respectively again replace goes in bag.

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Measure 5

Join the course that has cut in the flesh, add agitate of a few peanut oil more even.

Measure 6

Spill salt finally, mix good dumpling stuffing.

The practice of boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage is what kind of

Measure 7

Take rub of a small dough to become strip entity, reoccupy knife cuts the small dose with fair measurement child, press it again flat, become round face with rolling pole roll piece.

Measure 8

Take skin of a face to add stuffing of right amount dumpling, fluctuate dumpling skin 50% discount.

Measure 9

Hold right dumpling skin first close.

Measure 10

Hold left again close?

Measure 11

Dumpling of both hands general is gone to among squeeze, a dumpling is good with respect to the bag.

Measure 12

A few water are added more in boiler, after waiting for water to leave, the boiler on next dumpling lids is built, water scram moment takes scoop to copy the dumpling in boiler, lid, wait for water again scram when little cold water pours in past boiler, boiler can go out when water is boiled the 3rd times.

The practice of boiled dumpling of leek of a variety of Chinese cabbage is what kind of

3. Leek effect

1. fights exhaustion

Garlic ammonia acid is contained in leek, this kind of material can transform for garlic element, with vitamin B1A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Union makes element of garlic sulfur amine, and element of garlic sulfur amine has as identical as the vitamin physiology active, can quicken lactic acid (fatigue material) decompose, accordingly it has the effect that combats exhaustion.

2. beneficial liver be good at stomach

Leek contains the special part such as volatile essence oil and sulfide, medicinal powder give out a kind of unique Xin Xiang flavor, conduce to thin tone diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, stomachic, enhance digestive function.

3. enhances sexual desire

Leek contains sexual a shot in the arm, can stimulant organ, have on pharmacopoeia ” remove Yang Cao ” say. , leek sex is lukewarm, can lukewarm kidney helps in relief, profit lienal regulating blood condition of gas of be good at stomach, travel. Eat leek more, can raise liver, enhance the energy of life of taste.

4. embellish bowel is aperient

Leek has ” the king of green vegetable ” good name, contain a large number of rich vitamins and crude fibre, bowel of can promotional stomach wriggles, remedial constipation.

5. pitch-black hair

Leek contains compound to still can make function of acerbity system of ammonia of the cheese inside melanin cell increases, Shanghai noble baby

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Adjust thereby the melanin of skin hair bursa, eliminate skin blaze, make a hair pitch-black shine.

6. enhances immune power

Leek to a lot of people, it is to let a person jubilate the flavour that lets the food; of person care like it, but fear the abdomen after eating will be uncomfortable again. The expert expresses, Zuo of week of the Southern Qi Dynasty has a famous remark: “Spring first early leek, qiu Mo late Song ” , this ” leek ” nature is leek. The leek character of season is optimal early spring, the take second place of late autumn, of the summer the poorest, have ” spring feed sweet, summer feed smelly ” say.

4. Note

Deficiency of yin with irritability but inside fire bowel of exuberant, stomach is frail but Ying Shen of the person that there is difficulty of disease of hot, ulcer, eye inside body is fed; Fry diet of ripe leek of the previous night; The summer is unfavorable feed more; Avoid and honey, beef is fed together. Eat too much often cause diarrhoea, best control comes in a 100 grams 200 grams.

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